Code of Conduct

Have pride in your FLGS. 

  1. Keep it clean (literally).

We work hard to keep the store clean, but we need your help! Please place your trash and recycling in the appropriate bins, and if you spill something, let us know. In addition, please maintain proper hygiene, and refrain from tobacco/vaporizer use in the store.

  1. Keep it clean (figuratively).

Please avoid swearing, vulgarity, and slurs or insults based on a person’s religion, gender, sexuality, or race. (This also applies to clothing and gaming accessories.)

  1. Be a good citizen.

Criminal behavior is not tolerated at Gamer’s Gambit. This includes theft, gambling, public intoxication, and aggressive behavior. Offenders will receive an immediate and permanent ban from the store, and police will be contacted. If you see a potentially serious situation, please notify a staff member immediately. 

  1. Be respectful.

Respect applies in a few ways -

  • Respect our business and our staff. Please do not buy or sell to other customers, or use our store to arrange sales off-site. Be good to our staff too; they are here for you!
  • Respect other gamers. Practice good sportsmanship, and respect gamers whose interests differ from yours.
  • Respect our community. We belong to a wider community that includes publishers, manufacturers, distributors, and other retailers. Please be respectful of both our partners and competitors. 
  1. Organized play events may have additional rules.

We host organized play events for a variety of game publishers. These events may have additional rules which we expect participants and spectators to honor. 

Keep in mind, this code of conduct applies to our social media platforms in addition to our physical location.

We believe that everyone should be able to shop and play in a safe, fun, and family-friendly environment. Gamers who do not abide by the code may be asked to leave the store.

Have a question or concern? Please talk to a manager!